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Iridology Feature

Find out what your multilayered constitutions are and discover how to ideally live different and regain your health. 

Sclerology Feature

See where in your body you are most congested, toxic and stressed. Awareness is key to heal the root problems not just the symptoms.


Report Feature

Receive a detailed written report that covers the following; Healing remedies, Principles of Health to work on, Cleanses + Total Solution 


Iridology is the study of health via an examination of the iris, (coloured section of the eye) the sclera (white of the eye) and the structural aspects of the eye including the pupil (the black centre) the pupil border and collarette.

The iris is the most complex external structure of the human anatomy. It has a reflex connection to every organ and tissue of the body by way of the nervous system. Through the optic nerves, which are attached to the eyes, visual information is sent to the brain. At the same time there is information sent back to the eyes from the brain about the state of the organs and tissues in your body. It has been said: "the eye is the window of the soul".

Iridologists assess the variations of colour and fibre structure to assess constitutional strength of our physical body, as well as aspects of the personality, which can be influenced by conscious and subliminal emotional patterns. Iridology is not a treatment therapy but rather a diagnostic tool used to detect underlying signs of developing disease. Iridology is used to determine health problems at their earliest stages in order to prevent illness and maintain optimum wellness.

Inflammation, acidity, drug deposits, genetic weaknesses, stress indicators, and lymphatic stagnation can all be pinpointed using this incredible science. This means, without a shadow of a doubt, Iridology is the most holistic and accurate tool for identifying causal weaknesses in the body. Iridology, accompanied by discerned solutions, is a gateway into your own health and provides a starting point to your own healing journey.

Today, people are in need of preventative health care and less complex methods on analysing their condition. Mitchell uses Iridology to provide a non-invasive, painless and economical means of looking into the body of his clients to gain a better perspective into their current and past health status, which allows him to provide a unique and specific detox protocol. Additionally, it allows Mitchell to provide more suitable and relatable holistic solutions to your underlying challenges.

The Eyes Are Truly The Window To The Soul!

No two irises are the same, they are more detailed and unique than your finger prints.

Iridology is an art and science of analysing the delicate structure of the coloured portion of the eye, the iris. The iris reveals the constitutional health level of an individual with detailed information pertaining to their physical strengths and weaknesses.

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All consultations are performed online over ZOOM for those who don't live locally. However, if you are local to Mitchell and would like to have a face-to-face appointment then please first book a discovery-call with him for this to be arranged. 

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Whichever option you choose an email will be sent to you with instructions on how to take eye photos and send them back to Mitchell.  




For the curious

  • Constitutional Reading
  • Know your constitutional strengths & weaknesses
  • Most therapeutic methods tend to ignore our inherited constitution (genotype) - so get to know your Genotype and Phenotype

Professional Iridology + Sclerology Report

$125 AUD

For the fully curious

  • Constitution report +
  • Questionnaire to complete for Mitchell to create a personalised 20+ pages of in-depth comprehensive iris analysis report delivered in PDF format to your email
  • Area of focus within the body
  • Healing remedies suggested and provided

Personalised Professional Iridology/Sclerology Report + LIVE Consultation & Live Reading


For the serious

  • Questionnaire to complete for Mitchell to create a personalised 20+ pages of in-depth comprehensive iris analysis report delivered in PDF format to your email
  • If in Mitchell's location you can get professional eye photos taken
  • Constitutional LIVE reading
  • Emotional Body ready
  • Area of focus within the body
  • Healing remedies suggested and provided
  • 90 minute LIVE consulting/coaching session 
  • Total solution provided to improve health

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