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Stay Committed & Motivated 

Healing is simple, but when you don't know how it can be overwhelming and disheartening. When this happens it's really hard to stay committed to your health or to find the motivation to detox?" You're not alone! It is proven that with a coach you have a have a higher chance of success…and with my coaching style I ensure you to stay committed to living differently and healing your life.  

Guaranteed Results

You may have tried many times and many different ways to heal seeing little to no results. With my coaching I guarantee increased energy and mood. When you truly detox and alkalise your whole being this is the result always. You will develop an improved sense of self worth, mindset, a deep awareness of your internal + external environment, and most of all have profoundly regained your health. 

Detox, Heal & Regain Your Life

Detoxing from the bottom up is the true formula to a healed life. Only you can heal yourself and with me, as your guide + coach I will show you how to do this systematically. You will be guided through ancient practices backed by modern science, the 9 doctrines of LIVE DIFFERENT + detox protocols and fasting to help you transform your health.

Personal Health And Transformational Coach

“If you are looking for confirmation bias, look in the
scientific literature, because it is always there. If you are
looking for actual results, then look in the mirror.”
Dr. Shawn Baker

My mission is to raise human consciousness, change the inner and outer systems, so that we can truly heal ourselves.

I work from the belief that everything is happening for us not to us, this includes sickness. That nature is the greatest healer and that the human body can heal itself from all dis-ease.

It is a well known fact that majority of dis-ease is due to lifestyle, so if you want to heal, ‘Live Different’

If you get this and want to uncover and discover how to live differently, and activate your hidden healing abilities, then I may be the coach for you.

My style is unorthodox, grounded, and steeped in years of studying the human condition in myself, family, and clients. What makes my coaching unique is that I healed myself from Chronic Nerve Pain, Drug Addictions and Mental Heal issues. Because of this I am not married to any one style of coaching. I don’t believe in a one size fits all coaching program. I listen with a full heart, ask questions, and challenge you to step into the greatest version of you.

Our time together will include Zoom calls, weekly assignments, detox & fasting, practical tools, and so much more. We will literally build a powerful platform for you…together. It’s super intimate, one-on-one, coaching so I have to believe you’re committed, because we go deep and become, in essence, healing partners.

Choose Your Path

True health is not an elitist ideal. It's a choice. It's an ever day choice that's accessible to all of us irrespective of age or status. So if you’re ready to take a leap of faith and start your healing journey then take my hand and let's do this thing together.






This is a 3 Month LIVE DIFFERENT journey that includes a journey of fasting and extended fasting to improve every aspect of their health and be better.

  • Full Iridology + Sclerology Reading
  • 12 weeks' worth of accountability to make sure we’re on track.
  • Weekly + Monthly Assignments
  • Text Message and Accountability support
  • Profound life-changing distinctions, practices and daily rituals to enhance life.
  • Detox + Fasting guidance 
  • Access to LIVE DIFFERENT Alumni Group. 
  • Supplemental & Diet Guidance.
  • Hair analysis + detox products (price varies depending on recommendations) 
  • Personalised meditations
  • 3x personal guided breath work sessions
  • Opportunity! Combine this with my 8-Week Group Program & get 20% discounted off my 1-on-1 price
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LIVE DIFFERENT & Heal to Live Your Best Life

This is a 5 Month journey of true Cellular Healing.

This is for the individual who is serious about their health & healing. For the ones looking to heal their life from Chronic issues or to do a complete overhaul in a smart, safe and balanced manner.

  • Full Iridology + Sclerology Reading + professional report
  • 24 weeks’ worth of accountability to make sure you stay on track.
  • Weekly + Monthly Assignments
  • Text Message and Accountability  support
  • Deep life changing distinctions, practices, and daily rituals to enhance life.
  • Detox + Long Fasting guidance
  • Lifetime access to LIVE DIFFERENT Alumni (priceless)
  • Hair analysis + detox products/protocols provided. 
  • Personalised meditations
  • 5x personal guided  breath work sessions
  • Opportunity! Combine this with my 8-Week Group Program & get 20% discounted off my 1-on-1 price
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Stuart Moore

Mitch has bought an immense amount of wisdom, has kept me accountable, helped me gain
structure, new tools, new ideas, all the while sifting out the noise and the crap and consistently moving
me towards better health. Mitch has become a great mentor with very good principles and again, his ability to meet someone where there at and instantly get them on the road to getting better has been brilliant. Iv seen a lot of people but this man is definitely someone i want in my corner.

Fatima Hamit

Mitchell coached me through a 20/20 fast recently which has formed the foundation of my life. I went into the fast with one objective, to give myself the best possible chance of having my own children; however along with this came the emotional healing of other factors in my life which I had compressed for many years. Mitchell taught me how to break down the walls I put up from childhood. I now have a clear mind free from negative thoughts and feel physically and mentally stronger. Mitchell's passion for health, energetic vibe, along with his knowledge is phenomenal. I would highly recommend him as a coach as you feel supported through each day.

Cassandra Pavlidis

I have left working with Mitch feeling empowered about myself for the first time and I am no longer afraid to put myself first. We are quick to make meaningless purchases each day without a second thought but many of us hesitate to make the investment in our health, I would highly recommend Mitch and his coaching services to anyone looking to overhaul their lifestyle. If you are willing to put in the hard work and truly make every effort to make changes you will reap the benefits of his knowledge as I have!



*** ALL COACHING PACKAGES are no less than $4475 only serious inquires apply. Prices vary depending on additional testings + products required for your personal healing journey