Escaping Hell and Embracing Heaven: How To Find True Freedom Within

Uncategorized Jul 27, 2023

Life can sometimes throw us into the depths of despair. We face difficult, scary, and painful times that make us feel as though we're trapped in a personal hell. However, it's crucial to remember that this hellish season is not our permanent dwelling place. As my old man used to tell me, "If you're walking through hell, keep walking." So, let's keep going!

But how can we escape this internal hell, the pain, and the suffering that seem to hold us captive? How does one keep walking when we just want to collapse and give up? How can we break free from the strongholds that have plagued us for far too long? The answers lie in understanding the tactics of hell and reclaiming our souls, health, and energy. Before you move on, I encourage you to keep reading and discover the path to liberation.

Walking Through Hell

Recently, I found myself walking through my own personal hell. The chaos of the world began to poison my soul, causing me to lose my inner strength, focus, and energy. My mental health took a hit, and my healthy habits slowly slipped away, one by one. It was a painful and shameful experience to regress into my lower self. 

Blaming external forces, I allowed the hellishness of the world to penetrate my soul, leading me to retreat from life itself. Exhausted and lacking the strength to fight, I sought solace in distractions and coping mechanisms such as procrastination and instant gratification. However, these choices only worsened my situation. I transitioned from a state of fight or flight to complete numbness, feeling dead inside.

Have You Experienced Hell? Have you ever found yourself in this place I call hell? Perhaps you're there right now, struggling to find a way out. If so, keep reading, and I'll share how I managed to escape and now live in a state of heavenly bliss every day.

Instead of fighting back with human strength, which had failed me many times over, I decided to surrender and look within. I embraced stillness, which proved to be the hardest thing I had ever done. Even harder than my 20 day water fast. In C.S. Lewis' book, The Screwtape Letters, an intriguing plan of the devil is revealed. Satan chooses to distract us with "Noise" to drive us away from the healing presence of God and our own inner voice.

Christian philosopher Dallas Willard was once asked, "What do I need to do to be spiritually healthy?" "You must ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life." Hurry is the great enemy of experiencing heaven within. Carl Jung said "Hurry is not of the Devil; it is the Devil." Thomas Merton to diagnose the leading spiritual disease of our time. Merton gave a one word answer: "efficiency."

Recognizing the Impact of Noise and being in a hurry all the time: Understanding that the noise I was partnering with was the reason I found myself in hell, I immediately created an environment free of distractions and pointless noise. I unintentionally embarked on a "Dopamine Detox" for 30 days. I stopped seeking health answers from gurus, doing unnecessary cleanses, consuming self-help content, listening to podcasts, and using social media. I even locked away my TV and turned off my Wi-Fi at night.

Creating a Haven for Transformation 

To immerse myself fully in this process, I created a designated space in my home called "My Secret Place." There, I surrounded myself with incense, sound healing bowls, red light therapy, a journal, and my Bible. I practiced meditation and contemplative prayer, desperately seeking to reclaim my lost soul from the clutches of hell (noise and distraction).

Understanding the Root Cause

In my journey, I discovered that all dis-ease, pain, and suffering stem from stress and our resistance to it. We live in a time when the kingdom of hell prevails due to the overwhelming distractions that consume our days. Most people have become so disconnected from themselves that they no longer understand what it means to be truly connected.

The Impact of Distraction

Ironically, despite being more connected through media outlets, people are lonelier than ever before. Loneliness acts as the greatest stressor on our human frame. Mental health rates, autoimmune diseases, and cancer have skyrocketed, largely due to the chronic stress we face and the toxic load of our modern lifestyles. It's no wonder I retreated. How can we fight such a formidable enemy that not only harms us but also those around us?

The Battle Within

The answer is simple: we don't. These higher powers at play understand what it means to be human, and they attack our very essence and life force. To remain human is to stay focused, to be present, and maintain sovereign energy. So, how do they attempt to destroy that? By distracting our focus, creating as much noise as possible, keeping up with the Jone's, staying in a hurry and diminishing our natural energy through habits that defy our innate design. Or as I like to call them subtle death habits. 

Embracing the Journey

The more I delved into this understanding, the deeper I went within myself. That's why I've been quiet on social media. I'm tired of providing quick captions and attention-grabbing tips. My purpose is to help liberate you from your personal hell, just as God helped free me from mine.


All the mystics, sages, and gurus throughout history have shared a common message: the answers lie within. Creating heaven on earth starts by looking inward, not outward. It's time to reclaim our souls, health, and energy by embracing the stillness and silencing the noise that hinders our connection to ourselves and to the divine. The path to liberation begins with understanding, and it's a journey worth taking.

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